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Health360 Care Coordination: 3-Day POC


This engagement delivers a working Proof of Concept of the Care Coordination capabilities of Tribridge Health360 built on Dynamics 365.

Health360 Care Coordination enables proactive patient engagement, reducing the number of acute care visits, lowering healthcare costs, and improving patient outcomes.

This engagement is a low-risk way to determine if Tribridge Health360 is right for your organization. Tribridge will work in collaboration with you on a 3-Day Proof of Concept for Tribridge Health360 Care Coordination.


Day 1

  • Tribridge will install Health360 Care Coordination with sample data in one environment.
  • Tribridge will provide an overview of native Health360 functionality.
  • Customer will provide an overview of target business processes for this Proof of Concept.
  • Tribridge will work with you to map business processes to Health360 functionality and define the Proof of Concept success criteria.
  • Configuration of Tribridge Health360 to meet Proof of Concept requirements begins.

Day 2

  • Tribridge will work with you to define 2 low-complexity care path templates and 2 low-complexity assessment templates to be configured.
  • Configuration of care path and assessment templates.
  • Continued configuration to support business processes for this Proof of Concept.

Day 3

  • Configuration of Tribridge Health360 is completed.
  • Tribridge will provide a demonstration, inclusive of the configured business processes to Customer stakeholders.


The following deliverables will be provided as part of this engagement:

  • Proof of Concept Summary and Recommendations.