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Link files and documents via drag & drop

With the help of the DOCIN+ module, it is possible to link files and documents via drag & drop with data records in the ERP system Dynamics 365 Business Central.

It is also possible to automatically transfer files and documents from the original document (e.g. sales order) to the posted documents (e.g. posted sales invoice) during the posting process. In addition, in the course of posting, the print document of the posted documents is also generated as a PDF and stored with the record.

In contrast to the standard function in Dynamics 365 Business Central, where files and documents are only stored as links, in DOCIN+ the files and documents are stored centrally in the SQL database. On the one hand, this has the advantage that the files and documents do not have to be stored locally on a user's PC or by the user in a directory structure - e.g. on a file server - and, on the other hand, that the files are stored in an audit-proof manner in accordance with the item principle of the Dynamics 365 Business Central standard. This means that physical storage of the document is not required.

  • Supported editions: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Essential and Premium edition
  • Supported languages: EN, DE
  • Supported countries: US, DE, AT, CH

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