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Improve sales, purchasing and inventory workflow with enhanced functionalities in Business Central.

Dynapro Trade improves your quality of life within Business Central by expanding the standard functionalities for sales, purchasing and warehousing.

With Dynapro Trade you can:

- Track the unit of measure used for transporting your items separately and map them automatically.

- Convert units of measure used to track inventory to units better suited for transport.

- Automatically assign freight to purchase invoices.

- Perform quality control.

- Choose between sell-to customer and bill-to customer when calculating the sales price for an item.

- Expand email recipients lists.

- Detach shipping dates from sales orders and transfer orders (shipping dates will not be calculated automatically).

- Assign a user to a document so you can keep track of the user that created a sales order or transfer order.

- Keep track of the last item charge amount.

- Copy comments created for a customer to all sales orders created for that customer.

- Copy comments from locations to all transfer orders created for those locations.

- Allow flexible delivery dates on sales orders.

- Send Proforma invoices on email.

- Specify different order types for your sales orders.

- Automatically copy sales order numbers and requested delivery dates on intercompany transactions.

- Generate statistics pertaining to ship-to codes and chains on sales orders.

- Check for duplicate external document nos. on sales orders.

- Suppress the confirmation message when changing the shipment date on a sales document.


One Company:

1.490 NOK per month

Second Company:

1.118 NOK per month

Each extra Company after two:

745 NOK per month

Supported countries:

Norway, Germany and the United States

Supported languages:

English and Norwegian (Bokmål)

Supported Editions:

The app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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