Logistic Units


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Bring boxes, pallets and containers operations into your Business Central

Transform how you manage boxes, pallets, and containers directly within Business Central 365. Our Logistics Units Management System extension empowers you to effortlessly oversee all types of logistics units, enhancing efficiency and control over your supply chain operations.

The Logistics Units extension is designed to revolutionize how you handle pallets, boxes, and containers in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.

Why our system? Experience the Difference:

  • Efficiency at Your Fingertips: Save valuable time and reduce your workload with automated tracking, labeling, and management of all your logistics units.
  • Inventory Management, Simplified: Take control of your inventory through logistics units, ensuring accurate tracking and oversight.
  • Location Mastery: Always know the exact location of your pallets and containers, eliminating guesswork and enhancing logistics operations.
  • Maintenance Made Easy: Keep your logistics units in peak condition with straightforward maintenance and service record-keeping.

Key features for streamlined operations:

  • Comprehensive Document Management: Effortlessly post sales, purchases, and warehouse operations by logistics units.
  • Precision in Inventory: Maintain accurate control over item quantities by logistics units, minimizing errors and optimizing inventory levels.
  • Seamless Business Central Integration: Enjoy a smooth integration with Business Central's native warehouse functionality, making adoption straightforward and enhancing your existing processes.
  • Global Shipment Tracking: Leverage integration with over 1000 carriers worldwide for up-to-the-minute shipment tracking, providing peace of mind and reliability.

Ready to transform your logistics operations within Business Central 365? Explore more about the Logistics Units Management System and take the first step towards operational excellence:

Explore Further - Dive deeper into the benefits and features of our system.

Getting Started Guide - Learn how to quickly implement and make the most of your new logistics capabilities.

Supported Editions:

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries:

All countries where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is available.

Supported Languages:

The app is available in English (United States) and English (Great Britain).

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