Serial Shipping Container Codes

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Serial Shipping Container Codes generates SSCC, assigns SSCC to items and prints SSCC labels.

Serial Shipping Container Codes enables organizations to generate SSCC adhering with GS1 requirements. The user can assign the SSCC number to a bundle of items, and print the SSCC label. With this app companies can view SSCC content and corresponding shipment information. Serial Shipping Container Codes app offers a flexible approach to creating a variety of serial shipping container codes ranging from single to mixed. It also provides the possibility of creating multiple SSCCs for a sales order or aggregating multiple customer sales orders into a single serial shipping container code.

Types of Users
  • Sales Employees

  • Shipping Employees

  • Financial Employees

Customer Needs

The customer requires SSCC to track the logistic units and automated receiving. The Serial Shipping Container Codes app deals with this requirement and creates a set of capabilities and features to support SSCC in an environment fully integrated with Business Central.

Key Features and Functionality

Generate SSCC

    • Ability to create SSCC by following GS1 requirements.
    • Ability to setup SSCC components including Extension Digit, GS1 Company prefix, logistic unit number, and check digit.

Assign SSCC

      • Ability to assign multiple serial shipping container codes to a sales order or aggregating multiple sales orders of a customer into a single serial shipping container code.

SSCC List and SSCC Content

  • Ability to view the list of SSCCs and filter this list by desirable criteria.
  • Ability to view the content of each SSCC and get informed about relevant shipment details.

Print Label

  • Ability to print an SSCC label once it is created.
  • An SSCC label compatible with GS1 logistics label guidelines is designed and implemented in the system.
  • Ability to configure different label formats for a customer and ship-to address.

Supported Countries


United Kingdom

United States

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