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Establish a robust complaint management system to enhance your organizational operational efficiency

Explore a 360-degree view of customers with our integrated CS Connect solution helping you to progress and make improvements — leading to reduced costs, increased profitability, and increased customer satisfaction. CorporateServe’s CS Connect is designed to streamline and automate the process of handling customer complaints or feedback.

Key Features:

User Registration and Authentication: User can register to create accounts with secure authentication mechanisms to ensure only authorized users can access the system.

Complaint Submission: CS Connect has user-friendly complaint submission forms with relevant fields. Option to attach files, such as images or documents, to provide additional context.

Tracking and Monitoring: Complaints can be tracked throughout the resolution process. This includes assigning responsibilities, setting deadlines, and monitoring progress to ensure timely and satisfactory resolution.

Mobile Accessibility: CS Connect design is responsive for mobile devices to allow users to submit and track complaints on the go.

Communication Tools: It provides real-time notifications to keep users informed about the status of their complaints. Automated acknowledgment emails or messages to inform customers that their complaint has been received.

Workflow Management: It has pre-defined workflow to route complaints to the appropriate department or personnel along with escalation mechanisms for unresolved or critical issues.

Dashboard Reports and Root Cause Analysis: The CS Connect solution helps subject matter experts to identify errors more quickly by performing root cause analysis enabling them to document several root causes, attaching evidence, and capturing the decisions needed as part of the investigation. It will help improve processes and training programs to make the complaint management system more efficient.

Integration with Third-party solutions: CorporateServe’s CS Connect enable data sharing with other relevant systems to provide a comprehensive view of customer interactions. Our solution framework enables connecting to any of your third-part system whether it is on-premises or cloud-based.

Why CS Connect System?

Improved Complaint Handling efficiency and Customer Satisfaction: CS Connect with centralized data management empowers your organisation to resolve customer complaints in a timely and efficient manner. Using CS Connect into your business will enhance the product and service quality, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Data-Driven Approach to Customer Handling: CS Connect provides customer service team easy access of the adequate and relevant information of the customer to respond to queries in a timely manner and mitigate the issue without the need for escalation.

Simplified Complaint Registration Process: Retaining the customer being critical part of the company, CorporateServe’s CS Connect makes the ticketing process very quick and efficient.

Give customer support across multiple channels: With CS Connect solution, you can track customer complaints across different channels and convert them into tickets. You can provide customer support through one unified platform, be it social, messaging, chat, email, or voice conversation.

User Access Control: CS Connect maintains confidentiality and data security. It provides user access controls to restrict access to sensitive information.

Giving insights into your own customer service team: With CorporateServe’s CS Connect advanced reporting functionalities gives support managers insight into the performance of their support agents, which assists in quality control, workflow guidance, and other areas needed to optimize the performance of the customer service team.

Supported in All Countries and across all versions of Business Central

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