Sigmax Field Service Solutions

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Sigmax Connect: field service software to optimize your workforce

Many field service organizations miss out on opportunities because their processes are not optimally designed. The administration is time-consuming and inaccurate, software does not always cooperate and the overview is lacking. This results in technicians that are working longer than necessary and the first-time-fix is too low. Recognizable? At Sigmax, we know what's going on in the field service market. With over 13 years of experience we provide field service organizations with our field service solution: Sigmax Connect.

Work faster and more efficiently
Sigmax Connect helps you achieve greater efficiency, a higher first-time-fix and satisfied customers. Connect consists of fixed components, but can be flexibly configured. We map out your processes and ensure that the software supports them optimally. Your technicians get to see what they need, at exactly the right moment. And if something changes in your proces, the software adapts effortlessly without sky-high costs. The less your technicians have to deal with peripheral issues, the more time they have for what’s really important. That is why Sigmax Connect takes a lot of work off the hands of your technicians. Travel time, hours worked and materials used are registered automatically as much as possible. Important information is retrieved from Microsoft Dynamics 365 and shown to the mechanic at the right time.

Integrations with Microsoft Dynamics 365
Sigmax Connect connects easily with Microsoft Dynamics 365. In this way, your systems work together optimally and data is easily exchanged between them.

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