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An app that connects Logistra Cargonizer with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Manage all aspects of shipping and transport right in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Simplify and streamline shipping

Cargonizer Connector integrates Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Logistra Cargonizer allowing you to interact with all their supported carriers directly from within Business Central. Select, calculate and order shipping using the same ordering process every time.

Save time and effort

With one click, Cargonizer Connector pulls information from your sales orders and displays a new consignment page. On the consignment page you can:

  • select a carrier
  • calculate shipping costs
  • review & edit information
  • send the shipping order
  • download & print waybills & labels
  • print labels using Cargonizer's DirectPrint technology
  • get a tracking number for your order

If you use Business Central to run your business and ship goods to customers on a regular basis, Cargonizer Connector will save you time for sure.

An effective add-on for any small to medium-sized business that uses Dynamics 365 Business Central and ships merchandise to customers on a regular basis.

Automatically create single parcel shipments

Cargonizer Connector can calculate the total weight of the items on your sales lines and create a single parcel for you automatically.

Automatically combine multiple Posted Sales Shipments into a single consignment with the click of a button

You can create a single consignment for transporting the items on multiple Posted Sales Shipments by simply selecting the Sales Shipments for which you want to deliver the items and click on the action Consolidated Consignment, Cargonizer Connector takes care of the rest.

Automatically order transport and print labels

Cargonizer Connector can create consignments, order transportation and print the labels for your shipments automatically when you ship the items on your sales orders. Saving you precious time and effort.

Get an overview of all your created consignments

Cargonizer Connector will give you an overview of all created consignments, showing which have been sent and for which labels have been printed.

It will show you all consignments that have been processed on the day and show you a special overview of Consignments for which errors have occurred when being processed allowing you to easily fix the errors and process the consignment again.


Cargonizer Connector has three different fixed prices depending on the number of Business Central users that you have in addition to that there will be a fee of 1 NOK for any consignment exceeding the included amount.

Small: Between 1 and 5 Business Central users
500 NOK
Includes 100 consignments.

Medium: Between 6 and 40 Business Central users
1000 NOK
Includes 100 consignments.

Large: Over 30 Business Central users
1500 NOK
Includes 100 consignments.

Note: To use Cargonizer Connector you need to have a Logistra Cargonizer account which you can set up on the Logistra website.

Supported countries:


Supported languages:

English and Norwegian (Bokmål)

Supported Editions:

The app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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