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Logistics Service Providers and 3PL

Blue Horseshoe Solutions, Inc.

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Logistics Service Provider Billing is an enterprise wide billing platform for an LSP, SSO or 3PL.

One of the largest problems for a Logistics Service Provider (LSP), Shared Services Organizations (SSO) or Third Party Logistics Providers (3PL) is to accurately bill for contracted services. Warehouse events and other value added services need to be tracked and billed. Additionally, most providers create unique contracts with their customers which generates separate administrative functions prone to human error.

Logistics Service Provider Billing provides an enterprise wide billing platform for all value-add services. Maximize revenue with the automatic capture of all activity-based billings of each client according to distinct agreements. Minimize billing cycle times with automated invoicing based on customer specific billing schedules.

Logistics Service Provider Billing allows you to eliminate inefficient paper-based processes while increasing profit margins. Reduce billing cycle times, improve forecasting accuracy and utilize a single billing platform for all logistics service offerings.

Key Features:

· Centralized/Activity-Based billing

· Price book management

· Client/Vendor specific pricing

· Custom billing schedules

· Recurring/one-time charges

· Handling and storage billing

· Graduated/incremental charges

· Vendor managed inventory (VMI)