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LS First Hospitality

LS Retail

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Looking for a full enterprise restaurant management system that can streamline all your operations?

The comprehensive management system that covers your whole restaurant operations. Improve your efficiency with central management of prices, recipes and offers; offer quicker, better service, and cut costs by improving your stock and production management.

Manage your restaurant operations from front to back in a single platform. Whether you are looking for quick service, casual dining or fine dining, LS First Hospitality is the solution to meet all your needs.

Keep control over your business from headquarters, cut IT costs and gain agility by using one software solution across your whole business. The system instantly replicates your business data across the organization, so you can always take timely, informed decisions based on up-to-date data.

Boost your speed and accuracy of service: orders are sent from a mobile POS straight to the Kitchen Display System, decreasing table turn times, and enabling you to provide to more customers in a shorter time.

LS First Hospitality is interoperable with all the solutions in the Microsoft suite. Thanks to the flexibility of the cloud, it’s a highly scalable solution, ready to grow with you when you’re ready.

With LS First Hospitality you can:

  • Manage menus, recipes, ingredients centrally for your whole omni-channel presence.
  • Configure the POS interface to suit your needs.
  • Manage inventory, production and kitchen display routing.
  • Publish offers to loyal customers across the channels.
  • Reduce IT cost using one platform instead of many integrated applications.

LS First Hospitality, is compatible with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Dynamics 365 for Retail

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