Milestone Tracking

Visionet Systems, Inc

Deeper vendor collaboration through hands-on production calendar, purchase & logistics milestones.

Milestone Tracking is a sophisticated tool which enables tighter control and deeper collaboration across the supply chain. It allows definition of configurable milestone calendars with standard lead times to ensure on-time deliveries and identify areas of improvement to counter supply chain risk.

When applied to purchase orders the Milestone Tracking enables more hands-on control and visibility into 3rd party factories; production process to avoid delays in customer shipments originating from vendor delays. It also provides an opportunity to preempt and possible delays and take corrective actions to expedite slow moving orders. The analytical dashboards assist in identifying repetitive issues in vendor production cycle and take preventative actions to improve on-time production and quality products delivery from vendors. The configurable milestone calendar process can be applied to account for 3rd party freight forwarder and logistics milestones to ensure on-time transportation and delivery.

Visionet's solution extends Microsoft Dynamic 365 for Finance and Operation's procurement and sourcing, vendor collaboration modules to provide the required capability and functionality for collaborative milestone tracking. Following are key features of the solution:

  • Configurable milestone calendar definition with standard lead times
  • Automatically applying relevant milestone calendar by buyer groups in each season
  • Milestone planned & completion dates updates and completion status tracking
  • Bulk update capability to manage high volume transactions
  • Milestone tracking workspace for buyers and vendors
  • Ability for vendors to manage updates to the milestone calendars on vendor portal
  • Ability to export the milestone tracking information to excel
  • Ability to post updates to the tracking process via excel uploads

Following are major advantages of Visionet's solution:

  • Completely configurable and scalable solution
  • Full excel integration to manage larger workloads in excel
  • Ability to define milestone calendar templates
  • Ability to apply predefined templates to purchase order automatically
  • Detailed on-time, delayed, pending or approaching milestones tracking
  • Ability to track milestones for each individual item/purchase order line
  • Ability to manage quantity or milestone based completion

Prebuilt PowerBI Dashboard and underlying Data Warehouse for ad-hoc reporting

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