Adacta Tolling

BE-terna d.o.o.


Additional set of functionalities to support production with raw materials not owned by the manufacturer

If you are a manufacturer using raw material in the production that has a variable price and is owned by the partner to whom you sell the final product, this app will help you to calculate the final product price for the partner and their customers.

Type of user that benefits from the offer: Manufacturing company

Tolling app is most suitable when:

  • Tolling raw material used in the production has a variable price
  • Manufacturer cost of service depends on the tolling raw material price

Key benefits:

  1. Price adjustment for the tolling material - based on the raw material market prices.
  2. Price calculation for the invoicing tolling partner - through the new FTI proposal form that enables the manufacturer to charge the tolling partner only for the provided service of manufacturing the good.
  3. A better overview of the tolling raw material - can be seen/tracked by tolling on-hand and tolling transactions forms (virtual tables independent from standard on-hand transactions).
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