U.S. Bank AP Optimizer®

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Achieve seamless accounts payable automation within Dynamics 365

Simplify AP automation within Dynamics 365

U.S. Bank AP Optimizer® automates all parts of the invoice management process within your native Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations environment.

This embedded solution connects seamlessly with Dynamics 365 to expedite implementation. AP staff access invoice management workstations from their D365 home page and manage tasks using familiar navigation, workflows and system screens. Bypass lengthy, complex system integration and simplify the transition to AP automation.

Automate invoice processing from receipt through capture, matching, coding and approvals. Powered by Bottomline Technologies, AP Optimizer automatically leverages your established Dynamics 365 business rules and corporate governance settings to enhance productivity, ensure accuracy and maintain consistency.

• Eliminate paper invoices and manual processes

• Improve efficiency and visibility

• Reduce costs, errors and risk

Automate and streamline payments with AP Optimizer’s payment disbursement module. Our invoice-to-pay solution allows you to disburse B2B and B2C payments from the same instruction file. Reduce payment disbursement setup time and simplify reconciliation.

• Convert from paper to electronic payments

• Earn rebates on virtual card and Premium ACH payments

• Reduce reconciliation exceptions

Connect with a U.S. Bank representative to learn more about AP Optimizer for D365.

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U.S. Bank AP Optimizer is a registered trademark of U.S. Bank N.A. U.S. Bank AP Optimizer is powered by Paymode-X. Bottomline Technologies and Paymode-X are trademarks of Bottomline Technologies, Inc. and may be registered in some jurisdictions.

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