Performance Management

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Plan & Appraise job goals and individual goals with performance ratings in D365 F&O

Perfect for your company:

CEM Performance Management System develops individual goals from the job’s goals. CEM has developed a performance management add-on in the form of Performance Planning and Performance Appraisal. It has planning, goals setting, review, and evaluation. It can be used for employees, contractors and even for sports’ personnel. The evaluation period can be set as monthly, quarterly or annual. The system sends status & progress reports on a weekly basis. Ratings are calculated using weightages and predefined formulas.


  • Evaluation period can be monthly, quarterly or annually
  • Configurable appraisal and planning periods

Employee and manager review with custom rating systems and weightages.View and analyse deviation or variations as per the organization’s goals

Comparative reports across the same positions in a department

  • Individual Development Plans & Self-Service Portal
  • View performance, track appraisal reviews & history
  • Alerts and e-mail reminders at every stage of the performance evaluation
  • Totally automated Performance process

CEM is a Gold Certified Partner of Microsoft. It is a global company renowned for its award-winning implementation & support services. CEM is also a member of the partner advisory board of Microsoft.

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