Dynamics Planned Purchase Order Overview

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An Efficient and Concise solution for Planned Purchase Orders!

Most organizations, especially in the current financial market, require efficient and concise mechanisms to track their planned purchase order records to enhance process optimization, reduce costs and drive business growth.

A major part of the cost of sales comes from what has been spent by the purchasing department. Since profit margins are already thin, there is a need to optimize planned purchase orders carefully.


  • Simple overview of planned purchase orders grouped by vendor to show important purchasing information displayed in a single form
  • Direct access to all planned purchase order records
  • Summary of total unique items or variants that will be purchased
  • Overview of total item volume & TEU’s allows the user to decide when the items need to be purchased based on current volume in the container
  • Increased transparency with a clear summary of total cost amount, estimated purchase amount, cost value and amount not covered by sales, minimum stock level or other requirements


  • The planned purchase orders are grouped by vendor in order to reduce complexity arising from multiple views or multiple forms and display all the important Purchase Order information in a single form
  • A clear and quick display of Number of unique items or variants that needs to be purchased
  • Overview of the volume of the items based on the physical dimension setup on the item as well as the number of TEU's (Twenty feet Equivalent Unit: 20 feet long, 8 feet wide, 8,5 high /6,10 meter long, 2,44 meter wide, 2,59 meter high) lets the user decide if the order needs to be placed immediately or to hold the order until an ideal volume is reached thereby increasing process efficiency and reducing costs
  • Amount to be purchased displayed in the form is based on the default currency of the vendor at the moment when the planned order is created
  • Estimated purchase amount of the planned order is displayed based on the default currency of the purchasing company, cost amount for all planned orders for the vendor is displayed in company’s currency to avoid conversion calculations
  • Information of the cost amount not covered by sales or minimum stock level for all planned orders for the vendor displayed in company's currency is also available
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