Email Address Enhancer App

yayıncı: Plumbline Consulting LLC

The Email Address Enhancer App adds flexibility and personalization to automated email processing.

The Email Address Enhancer App enables an organization to effectively manage day to day business activities and communicate more effectively. Business users of an organization must interact and share information about business transactions with customers, vendors, and colleagues on a regular basis.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Financial supports only one email address to send all automated emails. This means all emails generally come from one “admin” account. 

The Email Address Enhancer App adds the ability to setup multiple user email addresses.  When users send email, they select their specific email address, so emails come from a person, not a generic “admin” account.

By simplifying this process, you save time by letting recipients (ex: customers and vendors) know sent the email so they can to the appropriate person if additional action is needed. 

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