Armanino Workspace Scheduler

yayıncı: Armanino LLP

Optimize use of your locations by enabling employees to easily book workspaces.

As the workforce becomes more and more mobile, companies lack insight and visibility into how well their office spaces are being utilized. With Armanino's Workspace Scheduler App, businesses can streamline the workspace reservation process and cut back on wasted spend on office leases.
The app is designed for all office types and sizes - customizable to accommodate enterprise-level facilities or single locations.
  • Improve efficiency with capacity and usage tracking
  • Maximize workspace spend by avoiding wasted spend on underutilized locations
  • Fast user adoption with a simple interface and visual layout
  • Scalable to include specific workspace types and multiple locations
Built on common Microsoft Office architecture, the Workspace Scheduler App does not require new software licenses and it's available on mobile or desktop. The intuitive design allows companies to upload maps of their actual floorplan and workspace layouts.

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