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Last Contact

NuSoft Solutions

Last Contact permits to track the last activity with lead, account, contact or opportunity.

Last Contact is a utility for Microsoft Dynamics CRM that permits you to automatically track the last interaction with a lead, account, contact or opportunity.  This permits you to easily find neglected customers, ignored opportunities, lack of follow-up with leads and remind you to follow-up with a contact that you may have forgotten about recently.


  • Records last phone call or appointment
  • Account last contact roll-up from contact and opportunity
  • Automatically update Last Contact date fields on all records based on phone calls, appointments, and service activities
  • Custom views on account, lead, and opportunity:
    • My Neglected records
    • All Neglected records
  • Neglected Customer Dashboard
    • Neglected accounts, leads, and opportunities views
    • Neglected accounts, leads, and opportunities charts by owner