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Activity Calendar

NuSoft Solutions

5.0 (3)

Displays any entity record in a calendar by month, week, day or they can even be separated by owner.

Never be forgetful on Dynamics 365 again! Activity Calendar displays any entity record in a calendar either by month, week, day, or they can even be separated by ownership. It comes with three built-in queries: users, appointments, and tasks. Now you can easily compare schedules with your employees.



  • Additional pane to show the calendar integrated in the Site Map
  • Configurable to include any entity needed in the calendar via importation from Excel
  • Name/Display name
  • Resource Ownership
  • ID/Tool tip Field Name
  • Entity Logical Name
  • State/End Date Time Field Name
  • Ability to customize views
  • Contract renewal dates
  • Marketing campaign dates
  • Opportunity start and close dates
  • Installation created on dates
  • Capability for scheduling and tracking activities and events
  • Records to display selected by the ease of the "user view" button
  • Holidays selected by a FETCHXML query