Calendar 365 - Activity Calendar for Dynamics 365

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Manage Dynamics 365 activities, like appointments and tasks using one calendar.

Now, do more with your calendar

The Calendar 365 plug-in offers easy and collision-free meeting scheduling, visualizes different activities, monitors resources’ work schedules, and time-boxes activities with a calendar view. With this plug-in, you no longer need to pay for third-party extensions for CRM integration while using stand-alone apps. Enjoy simple and easy meeting scheduling with the easy and affordable Calendar 365.

A powerful alternative to Calendly for Dynamics 365

Calendar 365 is a scheduling platform and activity management solution. As a plug-in, it integrates within the CRM so that you can stay worry-free about your data and multiple third-party integrations. Just enable your business hours and event types, and Calendar 365 will manage time slots dynamically.

Make Dynamics 365 even more useful with Calendar 365

Improve collaboration within teams to reduce delays and internal costs. Effective scheduling and customer communication leverage better outcomes every day.

Collision-free appointment scheduling (exclusive)

  • Share your availability with prospects and automate appointment scheduling. Prospects can book appointments at their convenience.

Activity progress monitoring
  • With on-time follow-ups and transparent engagement, plot activity schedules in calendar view with advanced filters for timely completions.

Availability of resources
  • Monitor daily, weekly, and monthly schedules of resources and assign new activities for effective use of time.

Data visualization of any entity
  • Plot any entity with a time-box use case and track its entire lifecycle.

Easy event bookings
  • Book conferences and rooms for meetings.

For any device, in any language
  • Users all over the world enjoy an incredible UI experience on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Seamless collaboration for greater outcomes

With Calendar 365, you not only schedule appointments faster but can track the entire activity cycle of teams and connect with people effectively within Dynamics 365.

Customer success
  • Let customers schedule meetings at their convenience and get faster resolution, better satisfaction, and retention.

  • Develop a marketing pipeline with instant catchups, visualize lead progress, and reduce the lead engagement cycle.

  • With a set of planned activities, easily approach customers, track the sales cycle, avoid delays, and drive more conversions.

Software and IT
  • Visualize projects and/or IT service request progress on the calendar interface to plan follow-ups and activities accordingly.

Field service
  • Efficiently manage field sales and service by enabling better scheduling and activity monitoring plug-ins for your sales reps.

  • Create work orders easily for your field service team to always have the right information on the field.
  • Improve engagement with candidates and track the entire recruitment process for easy hiring.

Scheduling made easy

  • Add working hours and set custom services
  • Set meeting preferences and get personalized links
  • Appointment rescheduling cancellation
  • Integration with Google and Outlook calendars

Manage resources and their activities

  • Availability management
  • Multiple calendar views
  • Activity management
  • Conflict management

Manage the customer sales journey

  • Complete sales lifecycle
  • Activity management

Access all your Dynamics 365 entities

  • View multiple default and custom entities
  • Customizable entity form
  • Filtered view for all CRM entities


  • Global and user-level configuration
  • Personalized activity configuration
  • Layout customization
  • User level restriction

Advanced filter to improve productivity

  • Team and business units
  • Activity status and priority filters
  • Predefined holidays and custom holidays
  • Save and share filtered views

Upcoming Features for More Flexibility

  • Manage Group meetings easily with Calendar 365
  • Select "Views" in Customer and Entity Calendar
  • Round Robin Meeting schedule for enhanced flexibility
  • Support of Regarding Fields for the Entity Calendar
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