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CRM Partners

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CRM Partners AgriLife for Crop, Equipment and Feed

A standardized CRM system for agricultural organizations that are active in the crop, equipment or feed sectors. AgriLife is a standardized CRM system for organizations in the Agri verticals crop, equipment or feed. CRM Partners has extensive experience in the Agriculture market, which enabled us to create a product that fulfills specific needs and requirements within the sector. With AgriLife you only pay for what you really need. We keep the system simple and clear. You won’t see any buttons or functionality that you don’t actually need. Sectors: • Feed - AgriLife is custom made for Feed suppliers: manage account characteristics dynamically, users can keep track of delivery lines to their accounts, keeping track of farm visits and participation in the service process. • Crop - With AgriLife you can log farm visits, manage their details for marketing purposes, and plan your reseller’s market approach. Service calls can be directed to the correct teams. • Equipment - AgriLife enables you to manage end customers, dealers and equipment, and the related processes, like logging farm and machine details, dealer visits, account planning and service processes. AgriLife is the central place to store all your farm or dealer information for both individual contacts as other organizations (for example: accountants, contractors, veterinarians). This helps you to create insight in your network and interrelationships. No customizations are required as the AgriLife business configuration consists of pre-filled base tables that can be complemented as you wish.