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Simple-to-Use Field Service App. Use standalone or add to Dynamics 365 CE or RapidStart CRM Plus

A Simple to use Field Service Management Solution that you can never outgrow.

Introducing RapidStart Field Service: the refreshingly simple field service management application that runs on Dataverse, streamlining your workflow and accelerating your success. For customers of any size looking for something simpler than Dynamics 365 Field Service, RapidStart Field Service for Dataverse is an excellent alternative.

RapidStart Field Service for Dataverse

The features you need to get started quickly and successfully with Field Service Management. Built on the Power Platform.

Key Features of this App

  • It can be used standalone or installed on Dynamics 365 CE or RapidStart CRM Plus instances
  • Brings new tables for Work Orders, Service Appointments, and Appointment History into Dataverse
  • Introduces the new RapidStart Field Service App for Creating Work Orders and Service Appointments
  • Includes a dedicated Field Service Mobile app with Easy Appointment Management and Tracking
  • Create and View Appointments on an interactive Schedule Board
  • Automatic Customer Notifications of Appointment status changes
  • Location Address Mapping
  • "Data-Ready" for in-depth analysis with Power BI
  • Perfect for Service Companies, Home Healthcare, etc.

Why choose RapidStart Apps?

  • Expertise: Developed on the Power Platform by the creators of RapidStart CRM, the top-ranked app on AppSource.
  • Flexibility: Customize and expand RapidStart Apps to suit your unique needs independently or with our expert assistance.
  • User-Friendly: Purposefully designed for ease of learning and adoption.
  • Seamless Integration: Effortlessly works with other Microsoft Cloud services, including Microsoft 365, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams.


This App is Available in English only at this time.


RapidStart Field Service App can be installed on any environment with a Dataverse database, which also includes Dynamics 365 or RapidStart CRM or it can be used freestanding.


RapidStart Field Service is $10/PUPM or Free for "The Works from Forceworks" Subscribers.

For existing Dataverse users, this app does not require any additional Microsoft Licensing.

More Information

Visit our website for more information on this App.

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