Hitachi Site Optimization Suite

yayıncı: Hitachi Solutions India Pvt Ltd

Manage site development and operations effectively using spatial analytics.


Location intelligence and analytics provides deep insights on the “where” aspects of your business and can help your organization to determine anything from the best location to open a new retail store or bank branch/ATM, to identifying the best location for your electronic billboard advertising. As information is presented through visual mapping, you can easily explore and identify patterns and gain insights that you may have in all probability missed from data presented in tables and columns.

Hitachi Solutions’ Site Optimization Suite provides graphical mapping and overlay analysis allowing you to combine information from multiple datasets. With access to such deep spatial insights, you can increase revenue, cut site operating costs, improve decision making, and ultimately grow your competitive edge. The solution transforms spatial data into actionable insights by integrating Location Intelligence (LI) and Business Intelligence (BI) with Microsoft technology.

Feature Functionality

  • Site Selection
    Prioritize the right markets and point out areas that offer the most opportunity for your organization through established workflow of site development and customized location marketing data to effectively fill the gaps in your selection.
  • Site Performance Analysis
    Analyzing site performance and looking at key metrics such as revenue and foot traffic allows you to determine which areas are more appropriate to acquire. Quickly gain insights through third party demographic data integrations to assess footfall, understand customer trends, and proactively decide where to close or open new locations.
  • Site Inspection
    Get accurate and time series data of your site with automated checklists, heatmaps, dashboards, and reports to ensure consistent user experience, minimal maintenance, and interactive path planning.
  • Competitor Trend Analysis
    Know the factors that separate your site from the rest to truly shape your brand’s strategy in finding new and potential markets. Deeply understand your competitors’ current market status in terms of the rapidly changing trends, enhancing sales efforts, and strengthening market strategy and decision making.
  • Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH)/Out-Of-Home (OOH) Advertising Planning
    Reach consumers while they are on the go and make advertising delivery easier than ever with advancements in DOOH and OOH technology. Time series analysis allows marketers to create amplified and personalized ads in public places which makes a longer-lasting impact on target audiences.
  • Targeted Marketing Campaigns
    With location data, marketers can target consumers at a holistic and personal level with appropriate messaging in particular localities. Marketers can personalize promotions based on local demographics and past behavior that targets the right people in the right place at the right time.
  • Event Planning and Evaluation
    Strategically enhance you event planning by knowing where your target audience are located and understanding where your potential attendees go or spend most of their time. With location intelligence and business analytics, you can evaluate the most suitable marketing event and deliver unique audience experiences.

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