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LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Microsoft Dynamics

LinkedIn Corporation

Target, understand and engage your buyers on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Microsoft Dynamics is designed to create a seamless experience between Sales Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics, saving your reps valuable time and ensuring the most relevant sales activities are properly captured in CRM.

CRM Sync
  • Log Sales Navigator activity directly into CRM, and automatically import accounts, contacts, and lead records that your team is actively working from CRM into Sales Navigator
  • Automatically log InMails, Messages, and Notes directly to CRM
  • Automatically import CRM Contact and Account records from Open Opportunities into Sales Navigator to get regular sales updates
  • View records directly in CRM with one click from Sales Navigator
CRM Widgets
  • View LinkedIn information where you’re already tracking other sales activity
  • Mention icebreakers to identify commonalities between you and your prospects
  • Uncover the best way to get introduced through TeamLink
  • Find new contacts directly with Recommended Leads
  • Get sales updates including news mentions and job changes when viewing CRM records

All CRM Integrations require Sales Navigator Team edition or above. Requires Microsoft Dynamics 2016, 365 or later, online or on-premises.