DataPath360 for Healthcare

yayıncı: Mazars USA

DataPath360 Healthcare Revenue Cycle Claims Vendor Management Module

The Mazars USA DataPath360 Vendor Management module will revolutionize the way healthcare providers manage their vendor relationships by extracting data from multiple, disparate legacy systems and presenting actionable data via dashboards and reports to drive efficiencies, optimize/automate business processes, reduce costs, improve financial outcomes, and mitigate regulatory risk.


This module is the first in the lineup from Mazars USA incorporating a robust set of report visualizations built using Microsoft’s Power BI and surfaced directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365.  Since DataPath360 is implemented as a native Dynamics 365 solution, all the enhanced capabilities are available.


DataPath360 leverages the Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform to simplify the complex and give the Revenue Cycle team and organizational leadership a view into the data they need to make decisions.  Data from disparate systems is constantly being generated.  DataPath360 gives your team a way to see all this data in one portal.


Healthcare providers and organizations face challenges surrounding the collection of patient service reimbursements.  The claims reimbursement process often involves third-party vendors managing the lifecycle on behalf of the organization.  A flow of information is constantly occurring over extended periods of time as issues are resolved and payments received.


Provider Challenges

  • Revenue Cycle Management procedures are complex with multiple disparate systems of record, a variety of third-party vendors working on reimbursements, and large amounts of transactions to reconcile
  • The sheer volume of data makes this process difficult, time consuming, and error prone
  • The failure to resolve errors quickly equates to lost revenue


How DataPath360 Helps

  • DataPath360 for Healthcare provides healthcare organizations, specifically their Revenue Cycle teams, the ability to bring together disparate system data, patient reimbursement transactions their vendors are reporting, and manage the patient service claims throughout the process
  • Combined with our analytics tools, these teams can now quickly visualize trends and outliers, as well as manage the process, to ensure an efficient and accurate result


Key Benefits

  • Through a more efficient and less error prone process, healthcare organizations will see a rapid ROI and steady stream of revenue
  • Revenue Cycle teams will be able to focus on their tasks versus trying to manage the data
  • Organizations can proactively resolve an issue before it becomes a problem

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