Synchronise data between Dynamics 365 and Xero accounting software

Do you find yourself frustrated by the disconnect between your Dynamics 365 and Xero environments?

Our Xero Connector uses a number of synchronisation processes to help you save data entry time, ensure information is always up to date and so you can remain focused  on important tasks.
Avoiding constantly jumping between systems, to find the right information. When information is updated in Dynamics 365, the same detail will be updated in Xero. This could include new accounts, contact details and product information.
Process quicker by avoiding duplication. An invoice is automatically created in Xero whenever a new sales order is created in Dynamics. These invoices are also then pushed back into Dynamics, on the invoice record associated to the original order.
Instantly check payment status in Dynamics 365. With all the necessary information stored in Dynamics, there isn't a need to request this detail from the accounts team. Users simply need the appropriate level of access granted.

Solution features:

  • Map any field in Dynamics to any field in Xero
  • Automated workflows:
    • Creating new account records in Dynamics 365 means a new contact with the same information will be created in Xero
    • Information updated in any field that is tracked to Xero, will automatically be applied in Xero
    • Primary contacts are synchronised between Dynamics and Xero

How to Deploy 

Download the Xero Connector and get access to our entire growing collection of pre-built products by subscribing to Solutions 365 from Preact. Browse and deploy more connectors, field controls, automated processes and other usability tools that provide additional functionality and enhanced user experiences.


You can access our full range of packaged solutions, as well as even more resources through Preact's managed service, Elevate 365. This all-inclusive subscription connects you to support, technical expertise, product insight, user training and online learning content, so you can grow Dynamics faster and make continuous improvements.

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