Systema AI Commerce

yayıncı: Systema ai Holdings Pty Ltd

1:1 real-time personalization for e-commerce, easily implemented, delivers revenue contribution.

The systema AI commerce solution delivers a simple, low touch installation to any commerce platform, and is language and data agnostic.

The systema AI commerce solution delivers 4 key principal benefits to the Microsoft customer, including :

1. Increase in revenue uplift of 10-25% 

2. Increase in conversion rate of 20-40%

3. Increase in average order size of 20-50%

4. Increase in average cart size of 10-50% 

Our customers have seen an attributed return on investment ranging from 15-52 X ROI on every dollar spent with systema.

And to deliver these benefits, systema requires no rules, no manual instrumentation of these rules by people, no monitoring, no logins and no member requests, and importantly, no cookies- this enables systema to offer an unparalleled customer experience without any invasive data requests to 100% of all users, from the very beginning.

systema is GDPR, PII and California Privacy act compliant, offering peace of mind for our commerce customers around the world. If what we have in common as people, is that we are different.

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