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LawToolBox365 Office for Legal with Deadlines Inc.

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Automates rules-based deadlines, document folders, calendar, notes and shared inbox for matters


LawToolBox is an all-in-one court rules provider, custom deadline template provider, and deadline management system that offers solutions for law firms and legal departments to automatically calculate deadlines for matters or projects based on the rules of civil procedure for state and federal courts in all 50 states. LawToolBox helps lawyers avoid missing deadlines which is the number one cause of attorney malpractice claims. LawToolBox365 is an Outlook add-in for Office 365 that organizes, centralizes and automates deadlines, reports and reminders for each attorney and staff in a firm from inside their desktop and online Outlook Inbox, and includes:

  • modern add-in where no software gets installed anywhere
  • instantly manage and generate deadlines as emails arrive
  • manage matter or project without leaving Outlook inbox (desktop or OWA)
  • view matter lists and upcoming deadlines by attorney and/or office
  • rule-sets for state & federal court - 50 state coverage
  • build-your-own custom deadline templates for any type of practice (upon request)
  • automated rule change management
  • instantly update team member personal and matter calendar
  • share to external calendars on Google, iCal or Lotus Notes
  • links to authorities to analyze deadlines
  • check your matter dashboard for status & analysis
  • inserts deadline charts while drafting emails
  • works with any case management system that two-way syncs with Outlook


The LawToolBox365 Outlook add-in for Office 365 integrates with Outlook, SharePoint, Groups and Teams and allows users to create, update and organize deadlines, documents, files, emails and notes by matter or project without ever leaving their Outlook desktop or online Inbox. For each legal matter or project, this add-in:

  • creates a document folder, OneNote, shared Inbox, calendar

  • instantly save emails to a corresponding document folder in Office 365 (saving email also saves all items attached)
  • provides single-click access to document folder (access to saved emails, docs and files)
  • quick access to calendar, notebook and shared inbox
  • uses email templates to get started drafting emails
  • inserts legal clauses when drafting emails
  • creates Groups that can be pulled into any Microsoft Team site (optional)
  • works with Groups, Outlook for PC and Mac (OWA and desktop), SharePoint Online, OneNote, Teams


While this add-in is free to download, and comes with a free trial, it requires a paid subscription to use the service after the free trial expires (for pricing go to )


  • even though you will see the add-in you will not be able to login
  • your Office 365 Global Admin (who is maybe your IT person) will need to finish activating your free trial account by first getting the add-in and signing on
  • a Global Administrator must be the first user to login to the add-in and grant permission for other users to use this add-in
  • the Global Admin only needs to perform this procedure ONCE for your entire firm
  • for more help go to:
  • after your IT or Office Admin completes these steps, they can logoff from the add-in (and even uninstall the LawToolBox365 add-in)
  • after this procedure is done ONCE you and everyone else in your office that has the add-in will be able to login and start working

* Certain features of this add-in, such as the ability to access your calendar on your phone or document folders in SharePoint Online, have a dependency on the version of Office 2013 or 2016 you purchase.

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