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Kanban Board for Office 365 (Scrum Board) by Virto


4.3 (14)

Manage your tasks and projects using Kanban Board view


Please note: this is old version of Kanban Board Add-in that will be unpublished from the store in the near future.

Please use another one new Kanban Board that is available here in the store:


Virto SharePoint Kanban Board Add-in for Office 365 is a convenient scrum board to visualize and manage tasks in SharePoint. The component displays any SharePoint task list as a Kanban/Scrum Board, where Kanban cards are divided into the columns usually depending on the status and show the tasks to be done. Visual view of business process is intended to optimization of task management: less time is spent on organization and task assignment.

Key features:

1. Show any SharePoint list as a Kanban board

2. Manage tasks between columns and swimlanes

3. Set WIP limits

4. Powerful set of task filters

5. Color-coded body of tasks and condition markers

6. Special color markers for a custom condition.

8. Ability to aggregate data for a column with Total option (Sum or Average)

8. Double click behavior on task

9. Set flexible permission to the tasks

10. Sort tasks using Drag&Drop

11. Use Image from SharePoint User Profile or from Office 365

12. Define what permissions user will have

Release now includes:

-You can adjust callout actions for host web lists.

-Now you can click on task name and edit or view item.

Release now includes:

-Possibility to add swimlanes and devide columns

-New condition filters have been added

-Added avatar settings: "Avatar only", "Full name only" or "Avatar and full name"

-Redesigned settings page for better convinience

-Improved UI

-Increased perfomance

To adjust the Kanban Board on your SharePoint site, you just need to select the task list and define columns for the task statuses. Through this, you can easily view and change the current status of the tasks by drag and drop. To allow better control of SharePoint task management, you can set WIP limits supported in the Virto SharePoint Kanban Board Add-in for Office 365. It is also possible to filter tasks by project or display tasks of multiple projects on a single Kanban board. With this task management Add-in you can add attached files to the task within the framework of standard SharePoint options, assign to the task one responsible user or several users - the total number of them will be also shown.

SharePoint Kanban Board Add-in for Office 365 allows you to customize your Kanban Board by many parameters. You can select the color of the task body, assign marker for special condition, set up actions for double click on a task (Edit Form, View Form or None) and define many more filters.

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