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Heinqi Information

1.0 (4)

Provide stock Information tool for end user.

Stock Info Get use the API from baidu APIstore to get stock data for end user.

Add-in supports get stock info from CN/HK/US. And can provide index info of SZSE Component Index(CN)/ SSE Composite index(CN)/Hang Seng Index(HK)/Dow Jones Index(US)/NASDAQ Index(US) with empty stock id input.

Add-in features:

 The add-in offer stock information for end user and display that in excel file. User can get one or multiple stock info by offer stock id(s).

 The app support stock from Chinese mainland Market, Hong Kong Market and United States Market.

 If no stock id(s) offered, market index info will be returned and displayed.

 User can click any cell to indicate where the stock info should be displayed.

 Support search by single stock ID or multiple stock IDs (separated by comma)

 Display columns can be customized.

The input stock id(s):

 Case insensitivity

 Format:

Market Format

China sz002230/sh600680

Hong Kong 00168

United States MSFT

Please note Add-in not support overwrite data. And the max multiple stock ID(s) input is 10.

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