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Excel Import

Ray Li

4.0 (5)

Import data in your excel file into SharePoint list, support fields of Currency, Boolean, User, etc.

This tool can help you to import your data from an Excel file into an existing SharePoint list.

* Features

1. You can find a button "Import from Excel" in the ribbon of your SharePoint list. This button can lead you to the add-in page.

2. You can drag an Excel file into a certain area on this page, or you can just select your file with a file input button on this page.

3. After you selected one file, you may need to choose one Sheet if there are multiple Sheets in your excel file.

4. Columns Mapping. After the sheet was selected, you need to specify a mapping between the columns of Excel file and fields from SharePoint list.

5. If the first line is title, please make sure you checked the checkbox "My excel has header". By checked it, the first line of data will not be considered as data.

6. After everything is settled, you can click "Start Import" to start importing.

7. You can see a progress bar when importing is in progress.

8. After importing is finished, you can see a button called "Revert". This button can help you to delete the items you just imported.

9. The mapping of fields will be saved into your browser for later use.

* Supported Fields

1. Single Line of Text

2. Multiple Lines of Text

3. Number

4. Yes/No

5. Person(Need to use the user's display name)

6. Date

7. Choice

8. Hyperlink

9. Currency

10. Lookup

If you need to support more fields, or the the way how we dealing with the current fields is not what you want, you are more than welcome to send us an Email:

* License

We only provide a farm license, which means you only need to buy 1 license, no matter how many users are going to use it, for the whole farm (tenancy, if it is SharePoint Online).


During the process of importing, the failed data will be showed below the progress bar. In this case, you may want to delete the data you just imported by clicking the button "Revert", then to fix these error in excel and restart the whole importing process again.