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Expert Map Directory


Pull internal data quickly and easily collaborate with your experts.​

Access your internal projects and expertise within seconds with Expert Map Directory for SharePoint. Find specific skills, past projects, and share knowledge freely despite the distance.​

  • Leverage your internal network—Increase your efficiency by quickly viewing past and current projects within your organization.​​
  • Collaboration made simple—Create new connections and collaborate with ease.​​
  • Tailor your profile—Customize each of your experts’ profiles with their key areas of knowledge within your directory. Need assistance populating profiles? Use our Expert Interview Service.​​

Start driving innovation, save time, and access tacit knowledge with ease.

The application available here is limited to a maximum of 25 expert profiles and five locations.

Contact us today if you would like to expand this capacity.

To learn more and install Expert Directory Map for SharePoint, visit​

Start connecting your organization with Expert Map Directory for SharePoint.​

This SharePoint Add-in is not available for IE9 and earlier versions.