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Save time and send documents for electronic signing to complete deals and contracts.

Equip yourself with the right digital tools that enables you to work anywhere, at any time. SignMe Add-In enables you to quickly send, sign and track documents electronically from Office. Whether you’re a legal professional sending a letter of engagement, a conveyancer distributing a Contract of Sale or a practitioner requiring a legal document to be signed, the SignMe Add-In is free and works to increase productivity whilst simplifying your daily work processes. Save time as you no longer need to save documents or have the need to upload them into the SignMe solution. The SignMe Add-In will ensure you get documents to and from your clients faster and is securely distributed at the click of a button to all parties for review and execution.

Key Features

User-friendly – simple, hassle-free and easy-to-use add-in

Customisable – you can add your own branding to all documents in a few simple clicks

Easy tracking – check the status of your documents from Order Manager – GlobalX's real-time order tracking tool

Save time – Documents are delivered to your clients in less than a minute, ensuring a fast signing and return process

Peace of mind – Secure storage within the GlobalX Search portal, means you never have to worry about misplacing important documents

Core Benefits

No delayed transactions as your clients have the ability to digitally sign contracts immediately from Office

You'll complete deals and contracts faster than ever before

Save time and money on postage costs by sending documents electronically

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The Add-In is completely free to install however requires an active GlobalX Account. Pricing for digital signing can be discussed with your dedicated account manager.

Tech Specs

Works best with Office Word 365

Available with Word Online

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