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Create Meeting Notes in Confluence from Outlook. Calendar Add-in to save time + boost productivity!

The Outlook Add-in for Confluence allows you to create, link, and find Meeting Notes in Atlassian Confluence much faster and easier.

Must have Confluence for Outlook Integration for all Atlassian Confluence and Jira users! Works best with Office 365/Microsoft 365.

Why manually create Confluence Meeting Notes and copy-paste information? With the Add-in you can instantly create notes with a click, and completely automate the process for recurring meetings!

Meetical for Confluence helps you to save time and simplify your meeting workflow!

You can automate recurring meetings and all occurrences of a series get grouped under a parent page with additional reports. Every meeting occurrence is a macro to show open action items in a series to improve accountability and help people remember their action items.

You can also @mention all participants automatically to require them to populate a status update and foster collaboration.

Please note that this Add-in requires an additional App from the Atlassian Marketplace which you can get on the Atlassian Marketplace: (A Confluence admin is required to start your 30-day free trial)

Be a great project manager! Use the Outlook Calendar Add-in for Atlassian Confluence, create and sync meeting pages directly from your calendar events, and keep content up-to-date, structured, and good-looking.

★ Features:

- Create new Confluence Meeting Notes pages directly from your Outlook Calendar with this Outlook Add-In.

- Automatically create pages for recurring meetings

- Choose space, parent, template and create a page in seconds

- Use built-in templates for team meetings, 1-on-1s, retrospectives, daily, async status meetings, strategy meetings, and much more

- Use your own custom Meeting Templates to Confluence and enrich them with Meeting Macros

- Use multiple parent pages for each space for sub-projects or multiple teams in one space

- All event details are copied and kept up-to-date for you on the Confluence Page.

- The Confluence meeting page includes all meeting details such as title, date, location, and the participant list with their attendance status. Any changes are automatically synced.

- A link to the confluence page is added to the event description and gives all meeting participants immediate access to the Agenda and Meeting Notes.

★ Price, Requirements, and Extra Charges:

Please note that this Add-in requires that your Confluence installs the Confluence App "Meetical Meetings" first. The Confluence App is free for up to 10 users and we offer a minimum 30-day risk free trial! Visit to get started.

★ Installation:

Install the Outlook Calendar Add-In and follow the Setup instructions.

Setup & getting started guide:

Check out the full documentation:

Read our Ultimate Guide, if you are new to Confluence Meeting Notes:


★ Questions & Answers:

How does this Confluence for Outlook integration work?

Users can connect their Calendar to Confluence and then create meeting pages based on calendar events. Those pages can be shared easily like any other Confluence page.

How much does it cost and do you offer a Free version?

The product is free for up to 10 users. We offer a free 30-day trial of the complete product. For all pricing details please go to our Atlassian Marketplace pricing page:

Please note that the Basic Free version was discontinued on October 1st, 2023. If you were using this version, please contact us for a viable solution to get you on the Standard version.

How can I get started with Confluence Meeting Notes?

We've written an extensive introduction for you on our website! The Ultimate Guide to Confluence Meeting Notes

Does Confluence Calendar & Outlook work well together?

Yes, we offer both an in-Product Integrated Confluence Calendar (to find and create meeting notes) and the Outlook Add-in for Confluence. Both work side by side. Pages you create in the Add-in can be found in that calendar and vice versa. The integrated Calendar is only available in the Standard version.

Is Confluence team calendar outlook supported for Meetical?

Currently it's not directly supported. But if you connect the Team Calendar to Outlook and the event is then on your primary calendar, it should work.

Does Meetical work with Atlassian Jira?

The Add-in is primarily for Confluence, but on the Meeting pages, you can use macros and reports to integrate the meeting pages with Atlassian Jira. You can use a report to show a list of Jira issues or simply link single issues.

Can I insert a calendar in Confluence?

The Meetical Meetings Calendar will add a new full calendar to Confluence and to every Confluence Space. Users can use that calendar to manage their meetings.

Do I need admin rights to install?

Many organizations allow the installation of Outlook Add-ins for all users, but some might restrict it and you need to reach out to your Outlook Admin first.

Is Outlook Desktop supported for the Confluence Outlook Add-in?

Yes, both Desktop and Web versions of Outlook are supported by the Add-in.

Is Outlook for Mac supported for the Add-in?

Yes. However, the Outlook "new design" version might not work for all use cases yet. We ship continuous updates to improve this.

Q: Is Outlook Exchange supported?

Yes, but you need to use the Data Center version of "Meetical Meetings" and install the Add-in from Confluence, NOT from AppSource. The Add-in from AppSource is not compatible with Atlassian Confluence Data Center. The Add-in included with Meetical Meetings for Data Center does support Outlook Exchange. It needs some more configuration on the Exchange/Office side. Please contact us!

Do I need Confluence admin rights to install?

Yes, this Add-in requires an additional Confluence App from the Atlassian Marketplace. Follow the link below to install or request this app from your favorite Confluence admin

★ More information:

Find more info on our website

★ Support:

Please reach out to us for any questions:

Boost your productivity for Confluence Meeting Notes!

Get Meetical!

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