The Writer's Diet

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Shape up your sentences with the Writer’s Diet!

The Writer’s Diet add-in for Microsoft Word is a diagnostic tool created by international writing expert Helen Sword to help academic, professional, and creative writers sharpen their style and pare unnecessary padding from their prose. By following the key Writer’s Diet principles, you can dramatically improve your writing and learn to produce lively, energetic sentences every time you write.

The Writer’s Diet add-in analyzes Word documents of any length by breaking them into paragraph-based regions and calculating an individual diagnosis for each region. The tool identifies problem areas in your text so that you can make targeted revisions and watch your diagnosis change dynamically. You can filter by individual word categories and/or regions, edit directly in your document, and save your work securely to your own desktop. The Settings wheel allows you to adjust the default settings and even to set your own theme. (Is your writing cloudy or clear? Swampy or solid? Cluttered or clean?)

For best results, use the Word add-in together with Helen Sword’s book The Writer’s Diet and the many other resources available on her Writer’s Diet website at Get ready to put your writing through a workout!

Technical Specs

  • Works best with Office 365 for Word

  • Also available for Word 2019 & 2016 and Word on the Web

Uygulama özellikleri

Bu uygulama kullanıldığında
  • Belgenizi okuyabilir veya belgenizde değişiklik yapabilir
  • İnternet üzerinden veri gönderebilir

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