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myQuiz: realtime quizzes for any device

myQuiz lets educators run real-time quizzes to check their students’ knowledge and gamify classes.

How it works:

1. An educator creates questions with multiple answer options and submits them into the quiz form. (To create

quizzes, they can use a Microsoft Teams account.)

2. At a given time, the educator opens the quiz for joining, students join the quiz on their mobile devices, and

the educator launches the quiz.

3. All participants answer questions simultaneously and get points for correct and quick answers. A player can

see whether their answer is correct right away.

4. A leaderboard is demonstrated after each question, so everyone can see the competition. The final

leaderboard shows the winners who have got the most points..\n\nHow can an educator leverage online


5. A smartphone can be a distraction at the class. Online quizzes, on the opposite, use smartphones for

educational benefits. The youth loves techy gadgets and competition — turn their passion into learning!

6. Online quizzes make an efficient tool to check knowledge. The less time it takes to answer, the more points

the player gets. In this situation there is no time to look for answers, so only real knowledge helps win.

7. As opposed to paper tests that require grading, testing knowledge in the form of an online quiz saves the

educator’s time.

8. Learning is more efficient when attention is switched from verbal explanation to quizzes and back, using the

learner’s visual memory.

What benefits does myQuiz offer as a quiz platform?

● To create and run a quiz, you only need a device and an internet connection. No downloading and installing

any software.

● An educator can create their own quizzes in a range of subjects: science, history, arts, and many others.

● One can use videos and images to illustrate their questions: for example, graphic problems, formulas and

equations, geographical maps, artworks, and so on.

● Time to answer can be adjusted accordingly, offering your audience easy questions for quick answers, or

complex quizzes that require understanding.

● A quiz can be paused at any time, allowing the educator to explain the subject or initiate a discussion, and then

get back to the quiz.

● The questions can have explanations that will be shown after the answer is given.

● It is easy to make a quiz regardless of the amount of your players — the platform can hold small quizzes as

well as thousands of players if you decide to use it at a large event for entertaining.

1. Create your own quizzes. Try any topic: Science, Mathematics, Language. Create simple or complex quizzes

based on your audience.

2. Add your own images and videos for questions: for example, formulas, photos of artwork, or historical

persons, and more.

3. Set time limits for answering questions. Conduct fast quizzes that require fast reactions, or complex quizzes to

test the audience's understanding of a subject.

4. Pause your quiz and tell your audience more, or initiate a discussion, and then get back to your quiz.

5. Add an explanation for any question which will be shown to your players along with a correct answer.

6. Increase the audience’s attention by switching between explanations and the quiz.

Make learning more interesting and efficient with myQuiz, the ultimate edutainment platform!

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