Zignals DWP

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Your workplace of the future - Take collaboration in your company to the next level!

What is Zignals DWP?

Take collaboration in your company to the next level with the Zignals Digital Workplace (DWP)! Are you introducing Microsoft 365 or searching for ways to improve user experience?

With Zignals DWP you can address the following challenges in your organization:

No central point of entry?

Where in the digital workplace should employees start their day, if they have no central overview?

Information overflow

Employees get huge amounts of information from various sources every day. How should they prioritize what's important?

User adoption

What can be done to lower entry barriers and help employees adopt new technologies and tools?

Change management

The digital workplace is growing rapidly. How can employees be helped to cope with the changes?

With our digital workplace portal, users are offered a central point of entry, with a clear overview. Users get a portal which is easy to use and are taken by the hand when changes are rolled out.

The digital workplace consists of the five different WebParts...

- My Meetings

- My Tasks

- My Apps

- My Documents

- My Teamwork

...which serves as the users' overview of their digital workplace.


When installing the Zignals DWP, you will be presented with an easy to use installation wizard. The wizard will help you setup everything you need! A simple SharePoint list for your apps and a page will of the Zignals WebParts.

The installed version can be used on a production environment, however you will need to contact us to activate your license. If you do not purchase a license, users will be presented with a dialog upon opening the page with the WebParts.

You can find a guide here on how to use the Zignals DWP!

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