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DPS-Data Positioning System uses new AI technology to fill in gaps in your data.

Fill in your gaps!

Use DPS to fill in missing data in 3 easy steps:

Step 1 – Choose DPS add-in and login

Step 2 – Highlight your data and click ‘Load Selection’

Step 3 – Choose the column to fill in and press ‘Run’ and DPS will magically fill in the number in blue

It’s that simple and oh so intelligent.

Use DPS to guess anything – forecast sales, price an offering, choose a product (DPS is not just for numbers and can predict items.)

Download here and reach out to us to open an account. Once we open you an account, DPS costs 10c per query, but speak to us about volume discounts.

What makes DPS unique in AI is that you don't need big data to teach it, Sue can learn very quickly from a few variables how to think and predict your missing cells.

Eklenti özellikleri

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