Office2SharePoint for Microsoft Teams

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Delivering an integrated experience across Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, Office & OneDrive.

Making your daily work easier by delivering an integrated Microsoft 365 user experience across Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, Office and OneDrive. 

Studies shows that Fifty-four percent of office professionals says they are wasting time search for files in online filing systems. Almost one in five office professionals ranked “digging for files they need” as the No. 1 barrier to remote work.

Office2SharePoint for Microsoft Teams speeds up work and minimizes these distracting searches.

Office2SharePoint brings the content you need to your fingertips so you can complete tasks faster collaborate with others and stay in your flow. 

Office2SharePoint is a family of three Apps.

  • Office2SharePoint for Microsoft Teams
  • Office2SharePoint for Outlook
  • Office2SharePoint for Office for Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Get inspired with a series of short videos about Office2SharePoint

Stay updated about new releases and service updates

We encourage you and your colleagues will join our Office2SharePoint LinkedIn community - Office2SharePoint Community | Groups | LinkedIn This is where we keep you updated on service status, news and updates, ideas, questions to us or other customers.

The current applies to Office2SharePoint for Microsoft Teams

As content is growing and growing, it becomes difficult and complicated to find exactly the file or chat massage you or your team need. Office2SharePoint for Microsoft Teams is making it easier than ever! Find the files you are looking for on any SharePoint site, Microsoft Teams site or OneDrive, directly from Microsoft Teams, getting assistance from Office2SharePoint Microsoft Teams Bot, using a Personal App, Microsoft Teams Massage Extension, or from a Microsoft Teams Meeting.


Office2SharePoint for Microsoft Teams helps you in your daily work providing you with the chat message, document or file you are looking for.

Once you found the file or chat message, you will be able to:

  • Open the file in a client program
  • Open the file using an Online App
  • Send a link to the file to the chat thread
  • Create an email and embed a link to the file in the mail
  • Send a copy of the file to chat
  • Show a chat message
  • Reply to a chat message that comes from a Teams channel

Making search available from Outlook and Office. Office2SharePoint for Microsoft Teams will also be there for you across Microsoft 365, you won't have to leave the context of your work to use the app.

Learn much more about Office2SharePoint. We prepared a YouTube playlist with video guides showing you how to deploy and use Office2SharePoint.

We want to make it easy for you to Try and Decide. When you deploy Office2SharePoint you automatically activate a 30 days free trial of the full version of Office2SharePoint. You only activated a trial! you have not signed up for a subscription. 

Purchase a subscription
You can only purchase a subscription for Office2SharePoint from

  • Your Microsoft Partner
  • iGlobe
  • From Microsoft Store 

Should you have any question regarding signing up for a subscription feel free to contact us by sending an email to iGlobe sales or visit Office2SharePoint Web site 

Notice, the subscription allows you to use both Office2SharePoint for Office and Office2SharePoint for Outlook

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We can also offer you a demo or assist you in the implementation. As it is a simple product, we believe it will not take more than just 30 min. Book us now

For security reasons Office2SharePoint is using the highly recommended authentication model from Microsoft - Azure AD SSO. We recommended using latest version of Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Note, using Office2SharePoint for Microsoft Teams on Microsoft Teams mobile app will not allow you to open the file in a client App.


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