Priority Matrix Government

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Hosted in Azure Government, Priority Matrix securely helps organizations focus on high-impact work.

Priority Matrix Government is a full-featured project management software that integrates deeply into Microsoft Teams, Outlook and Office.

This variant of Priority Matrix serves the operational security needs of government entities thanks to specific customizations:

  • The service is completely hosted on Azure GCC (Gov Cloud), which guarantees US-control of all infrastructure, and more
  • Single sign-on is enforced, which simplifies the implementation of IT login policies via Azure Active Directory
  • Certain features have been disabled to eliminate the possibility of data sharing with unauthenticated users

Priority Matrix Government helps you prioritize, focus, and work smarter.

With this add-in, you can manage Priority Matrix projects and shared tasks without leaving your favorite Office app:

  • Manage tasks and projects directly within Teams
  • Open a one-on-one view to discuss action items shared with a teammate

Use Priority Matrix Government for Microsoft 365 to...

  • Replace your existing project management solution and use fewer apps
  • Have all your tasks, priorities, responsibilities available in one location
  • Reduce context switching
  • Save time and resources
  • Have clear understanding of all projects across your team

What makes Priority Matrix Government better than the rest?

  • Hosted on Azure Gov Cloud, keeping your information secure
  • Single Sign-On required to facilitate IT login policies
  • Full-featured project management solution that fully works within Teams, Outlook and Office
  • Artificial Intelligent technology helps prioritize and track the right project and people
  • Integrated into Microsoft Teams and works on all devices
  • Available for Microsoft Teams, Outlook, mobile and desktop
  • No limits to number of tasks you can create

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  • Replace status reports and standup meetings with a quick one-on-one review
  • Improve team productivity with quick access to action items
  • Share data among collaborators for teams of any size
  • Communicate your priorities with the rest of your team

Each of your projects or initiatives can be organized as a priority matrix with fully customizable quadrants.


The next time you meet with your manager, teammate or direct report, pull up the one-on-one view to see all your shared tasks,

discuss progress and go straight to the point. No more wasted time trying to remember what you did last week.


  • Keep projects private or collaborate with your team: Manage your TODOs or launch a spaceship!
  • Visualize each project as a matrix, in your calendar or in Gantt chart mode
  • Intelligent due date detection: Enter tasks like "buy milk tomorrow afternoon"
  • Smart reminder system: "Remind everyone in 30 minutes" or "Remind me next Tuesday"

A Priority Matrix Government account is necessary to use the add-in. Upgrades available.

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