Location Finder

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A configurable add-in you can add to any site page to mark locations and their details on a map.

Location Finder v2 now supports anonymous public facing websites!

New in v2.3

Fixed Google Maps API Error

New in v2.2

AutoFit option to disable auto zoom and fit of rendered map.

Bug Fixes in v2.1

• Scrolling in information windows caused by Google Maps API update

• & character and multiple spaces in location addresses breaking map display.

Location Finder lets you define locations along with their details and have these viewed on a map by your users. You can easily configure Location Finder map on any site page to display your locations. Multiple map properties give you fine control over the final map display. Auto calculation of latitude and longitude values based on the location address provided makes adding new locations simple and easy.

Location Finder is flexible and can be adapted to several uses including:

• Store Locations

• Branch Office Locations

• Franchise Locations

• Service Center Locations

• Owned/Managed Property Locations

• Construction Project Sites

• And many more!

Note: This add-in is not supported in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.

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