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List Carousel displays a clean, configurable jQuery carousel

Ever wanted to show of some image goodness using a SharePoint App? List Carousel is a small utility App built on top of the excellent jCarousel jQuery extenstion by Jan Sorgalla. It uses simple SharePoint lists and libraries to provide the Carousel experience. Through a basic settings screen, users can configure style, layout and carousel options. These settings are grouped together so you can create your own custom themes. The included App Part allows site owners to display the List Carousel on content pages.

Key features of the App:

  • The ability to upload images to be used by the carousel
  • The ability to specify themes used by the carousel
  • The ability to create your own themes
  • Configurable autoscroll (animation)
  • The App part automatically resizes based on the theme or settings specified

Future versions will include more themes, options and features!

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