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Fully Automated Resume Formatting Service using Resume Templates

iReformat is the first fully automated Resume Formatting Service using Resume Templates.

With its patent pending technology, iReformat takes a job seeker/candidate resume and converts to a client presentable format within seconds using pre-defined Resume Templates.

Once the resume if converted, it can be emailed using pre-defined email templates.

Here are the key features of the app

  • Strip out candidate information.
  • Add header from selected Resume Template.
  • Add footer from selected Resume Template.
  • Optionally add watermark.
  • Highlight skills entered.
  • Optionally remove all highlighting.
  • Apply font settings from selected template.
  • Optionally add an executive summary.
  • Optionally Email Formatted Resume.
  • Resume Management Database

Email and Resume Templates can be created or updated by logging into the Web Application at

iReformat office app requires a subscription at

There are 4 pricing tiers

Startup Basic - 10 Resumes free per month

Startup Pro- 50 Resumes per month, 25 Cents each additional Resume

Business Basic - 250 Resumes per month, 20 Cents each additional Resume

Business Pro - 500 Resumes per month, 15 Cents each additional Resume

Enterprise/Custom - Call us for pricing

NOTE: For IE9 users, you will need to allow popups for this app

1. Go to Tools->Internet Options

2. Click on Privacy Tab

3. Click on the Settings button beside the "Turn-On Popup Blocker" Checkbox

4. Add ""

Here is a help article which describes how to use this application

For support and feedback, please email to support (at) recruiteze dot com

We are always striving to provide the best app by design, value and through service. Please provide your feedback so that we can serve you better.

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