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OneNFP Financials Dashboard

Simple, affordable and powerful

OneNFP Financials App, powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV, provides users the ability to perform time and expense entry, process pending approvals, produce reports, and drill down to the underlying transactional detail. For example, a program manager can enter their personal expenses to be reimbursed, submit time to be used for allocations related to a grant or program, review and approve transactions submitted by subordinates, run reports to monitor budget to actual expenditures related to his/her program, and review transactions in real time as they are posted in the financial system.

The application connects directly to their Microsoft Dynamics NAV – OneNFP Financials back office information. It’s intended to provide access into the organization’s financial system for those tasks done by non-accountants without ever leaving the familiarity of Office 365. The accounting department can publish different KPIs and reports for the entire organization as well as have comfort knowing that the data is being entered only once and is validated during the input process (i.e., no more double or triple data entry). Each user can review and research information critical for their area of responsibility, accessing up-to-the minute data from the OneNFP Financials accounting solution, then sending to Microsoft Excel (online or desktop) for additional analysis or to a PDF for distribution.

Key Features:

• Accounting department is able to expose key organizational KPIs and reports to everyone in the organization.

• Employees are able to enter Time Sheets to record time spent by grant, program or any other dimension. This information can later be used to allocate expenses automatically.

• Employees can request reimbursement through the Expense Sheet feature, including attaching scanned receipts and routing to managers for approval.

• Allow staff to review and approve transactions generated as a result of either budget or approval business rules.

• Users can produce reports and research the underlying financial data.

• Save time and effort spent responding to requests for information made to accounting personnel.

• Send data to Microsoft Excel/Microsoft Word/PDF for dissemination or for further analysis.

Important Notices:

• User who installs the app for the first time must define settings to connect to OneNFP Financials

• Supported browsers: IE10 or later, Firefox, Chrome, Safari

• Users must be a licensed limited user of OneNFP Financials, cloud-based Financials and Fundraising software for Nonprofits

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