Revenue Grid for Salesforce CRM


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#1 Salesforce integration solution that actually works. Salesforce Inbox alternative

Sell smarter with Revenue Intelligence

Revenue Grid improves your sales performance and shifts your CRM from the “view mode” to the “do mode” with Revenue Intelligence.

Revenue Intelligence provides sales teams complete sales data through data capture features, analyzes data with AI, and offers actionable insights through guided selling capabilities.

What does Revenue Intelligence cover?

Data Capture

Revenue Grid automatically captures all sales and communication data from your Outlook and saves them to Salesforce. Thus, you can keep your CRM data complete and up-to-date. With this feature, you can auto-create Salesforce objects without leaving your inbox. By automating the data entry process, you can save precious time and boost your team’s efficiency.  

Email Sidebar

Email Sidebar allows you to work with your entire Salesforce data from your inbox. For each email or lead you are working on, get real-time insights from your Salesforce records, view and edit any detail without even leaving your Outlook. Tailor Email Sidebar to your needs by customizing which objects and fields you want to see in a few clicks. 

Pipeline Inspection

Revenue Grid offers you complete pipeline visibility so that you know exactly where your quota numbers stand in real-time. With real-time tracking, you can see which deals are moving, stalled, or at risk in a matter of seconds. Immediate alerts on changes in deal sizes, close dates, and scores allow you to address any situation immediately.  

Relationship Intelligence

With Relationship Intelligence, you can map out connections between parties in a deal. By seeing who influencers, decision-makers, or stallers are, you can target the right contacts to go for the win. Insights on quality and quantity of engagement let you optimize your communication efforts to build better relations with your prospects.

Revenue Signals

Revenue Signals are actionable notifications that show what is going well or poorly in your whole sales process. As the dr