Skyhigh Incident Viewer

Skyhigh Networks Inc

Search for and export violations of Data-Loss-Prevention (DLP) policies defined in Skyhigh

Skyhigh's CASB (Cloud-Access-Security-Broker) platform can be used by security administrators to configure precise DLP(data loss prevention) policy rules using data identifiers for common data types (e.g. Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, etc.), file names, keywords, file sizes, file types, regular expressions that identify custom patterns (e.g. IP addresses, medical record numbers, etc.), third-party document classification tags, and user actions such as creating a link to share. As users upload new data or share existing data in any cloud service (Office 365, Salesforce, Box etc.) with external users, Skyhigh enforces DLP polices in near real-time.

Skyhigh Incident Viewer provides insight into violations of DLP policies defined by security administrators in Skyhigh's Cloud-Access-Security-Broker (CASB) platform. This Add-in also allows security administrators to export policy violations as a CSV file to OneDrive.

Please note that a valid Skyhigh account is required to use this Add-in post installation.

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