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Create powerful and complex workflows on your tenant visually without writing any line of code.

SPARK Workflow is a business process management tool for SharePoint that enables business users to quickly and seamlessly design and build out processes from the simple one to the more complex processes. It includes activities and operations for sending e-mail, dealing with items and files (i.e. create/delete/move/copy/update item/file, item/file permission), set column value, set workflow status, change workflow status, start/stop workflow, if condition, while loop and many more activities for creating custom workflows. SP​ARK Workflow permits its customers to drive business process efficiently, simply, intuitively and increasing productivity by eliminating the need to perform day-to-day routine tasks manually to adapt their changing of business requirements.

This release supports SPARK Workflow LazyApproval feature, which enables taking decision/action for assigned tasks such as approvals or rejections, by simply replying to the notification email.

In addition, this release supports Document Generation Activity, which enables the workflow designer to create custom documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF with data dynamically merged from tagged templates stored in SharePoint.

The product can be used to establish, standardize, and monitor processes and workflows in any department of your organization.

With SPARK Workflow, you can create: List and Site Workflows. With "List Workflow" you can create workflows based on list or library. With "Site Workflow" you can create and associate workflows on a particular SharePoint site and not bound it to a particular SharePoint list or library. For example, you can create a site workflow on a particular site to delete old items from all lists and libraries in this site.

You can develop workflows using intuitive browser-based visual interface by dragging activities onto the drawing node and setting up a few properties and rules. You can copy activity along with all of its sub-activities and past it to another workflow location\path. The Interface of the workflow is extremely clear, readable user friendly with a graphical workflow editor showing exactly the process flow.

SPARK Workflow is designed to be configured by the people who understand their business needs. Business consultants, designers, power users, business analysts are all examples of people who can use SPARK Workflow to quickly create complete workflow solutions on the SharePoint platform without the need to write any type of code. It is a no-code tool, meaning process owners, designers, administrators and power users don't need any IT skills to automate their business processes, just minimal training and professional services needed from the IT staff.

SPARK Workflow allows you to easily layout the map of your business processes graphically and with no code by placing symbols "Activities" that represent process steps and by easily adding business rules and properties to each activity.

SP​ARK Workflow provides an affordable solution for any sized business and at an affordable and rapid Return-On-Investment (ROI) price point.

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Important Note: In order to use SPARK Workflow for Office 365, you need to fill out the registration form, this form will only appear first time you use this add-in. The required information in the registration form are general and only to know who is evaluating our add-in and allow our support team to know who would contact them regarding any issue they may have. The registration form has to be filled out only one time and it will never appear to you again. You don’t need to supply or create any user name or password in the registration form.

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