Athennian Coding Assistant


Coding Assistant helps you rapidly code Word documents for automation in the platform

Code documents for automation in Athennian’s legal entity management cloud faster and easier with Athennian Coding Assistant. Now you can automatically inject pre-made blocks of text into any corporate secretary document right inside of Microsoft Word without having to manually write and de-bug code syntax.

Key features:

  • Inject pre-made blocks of text into corporate secretary documents such as consents, resolutions and agreements.

  • Tagging and search makes it easy to find the content you’re looking for.
  • A managed library of text blocks for directors, officers, managers, shareholders, dates, addresses, registrations and more.

  • Text blocks are quality tested to ensure perfect formatting and no bugs or errors.
  • Text block library is updated on weekly basis with new content.

An Athennian account is not needed to use this Add-In.

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