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Connect agents and users within one workspace with ALVAO for Microsoft Teams.

ALVAO is IT Service Management software that is developed for Microsoft environment. Automate routine processes, boost your productivity, and focus on key projects with ALVAO.

By integrating ALVAO for Teams, you will enhance team collaboration across departments, improve your IT services, increase user satisfaction, and expedite the resolution of your tickets with the powerful features of ALVAO for Teams integration.

Create tickets and save messages in the existing tickets within chat

Agents can create a ticket directly from the message received in Microsoft Teams while seamlessly saving chat messages to existing tickets.

Look for existing tickets and share them in the chat

Our integration makes it easy to find and share relevant tickets in chat providing context and insights for effective request resolution.

ALVAO ticket dashboard for agents

The integrated ticket dashboard in Microsoft Teams offers a seamless experience for managing tickets without leaving the platform.

The ALVAO Bot supports both users and agents from within Microsoft Teams

The ALVAO Bot assists users with submitting tickets through the ALVAO Service Desk self-service portal right within Microsoft Teams. By using ALVAO bot assistance, IT can reduce workload and streamline user support.

The ALVAO bot helps users with:

  • Creating tickets in the chat and selecting the appropriate IT service.
  • Finding solutions to users’ issues. Through the chat, users can enter relevant keywords, and ALVAO bot will help them find the necessary information in the knowledge base of ALVAO Service Desk.
  • Getting alerts about ticket status changes and incoming ticket messages right in the ALVAO bot chat.

Use ALVAO in Copilot for Microsoft 365 to find tickets and filter them by status or solver
eg. Find printer problem tickets in a solution status solved by Joe Doe.

NOTE: Please make sure your account is registered with ALVAO before using the app. If you need any assistance with signing up, please contact us.

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