Stacked Insights

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The stacked column and bar charts custom visual are feature-rich data visualization tool

Stacked Insights by Cloudserve Systems Pvt. Ltd is a versatile custom Power BI visual designed for data analysis and presentation, featuring multiple chart types for comprehensive insights. Key features: 1. Column Chart: Displays data in vertical bars, ideal for comparing quantities across different categories. 2. Bar Chart: Shows data in horizontal bars, useful for comparing items with long category names or when there are many categories. 3. Stacked Column Chart: Similar to the Column Chart but stacks data within each column, illustrating the part whole relationships across categories. 4. Stacked Bar Chart: A horizontal version of the Stacked Column Chart, making it easier to view the distribution of components within each category. 5. Toggling mechanism between bar and column chart representations based on your preference or visual aesthetics. Choose the chart type that best suits your data and reporting requirements. 6. Legend for Enhanced Comparison: The inclusion of a legend enhances the clarity of your visualisations by providing a clear distinction between the categories and their respective sub-categories. In addition to these visualisations, Stacked Insights incorporates: 1. Average Line: A horizontal line indicating the average value across the dataset, providing a benchmark for comparison. 2. Constant Line: A user defined horizontal line to mark a specific threshold or target value, aiding in performance assessment against set goals. Please contact us at for free trials or custom/private offers.

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